Jewish Olympians

There are quite a few people in the Olympics who are Jewish. There is even an Israeli team that consists of five people. The city of Sochi has three shuls and 13 rabbis. Among the services available to Jewish visitors are daily prayers, Shabbat dinners, Teffilin stations and kosher food. Sochi’s Chabad rabbi, the Los Angeles-born Ari Edelkopf, says the community has prepared 7,000 meals.

The Jewish Olympians are competing in a variety of events. Jared Goldberg is an alpine downhill skier, and has dreamt of being an Olympian since he was four years old. He even had his bar mitzvah in a ski lodge! At age 21, this years Olympics will be his first. Another Jewish Olympian is Noah Hoffman, a cross-country skier, who is the only Jewish member on his team. Although he didn’t place on the podium, he is still happy he could be there. A Jewish 19 year old ice skater named Jason Brown has gotten in fourth place and has earned USA points that lead to a bronze medal. Another ice skater is Simon Shnapir. Simon, who along with his partner is 26, were in second place in the pairs competition. There are other Jewish competitors, but they are too much to talk about.

Even thought Jews are seemed to be not as good as other people, they have not only managed to get into the Olympics, but they have also done well in their events.


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